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I can negotiate my own deal. Why do I need you?
If you are an expert in negotiation and the automobile industry, you probably don’t. You don’t have to have a home inspection before you purchase a home, but most people do. Why? Because we want an expert’s opinion. Car purchases are the second largest purchase most people will make. The traditional car sales process is time-consuming and confusing. We understand we are not always the right fit but many people can save a lot of time and money if they let us Advocate for them.

How do I know if you’re going to save me money?
We will present you with deal proposals in writing. In fact, we require dealerships to provide proposals in writing so that we can provide you with financing terms, rates, the price of the vehicle, any warranties and any additional accessories you may want to add before making a decision. Our goal is to have dealerships fighting for YOUR business!

How does this save me time?
You won’t need to visit multiple dealerships, talk with multiple salesmen, and sit at sellers’ desks crunching numbers. We handle all of that for you with our auto buying service. You may only want to visit the dealership when taking delivery OR to take a test drive that we arrange for you.

Why do you charge an upfront fee?
A flat fee is only charged when you are ready to use our service to buy a vehicle. We don’t receive compensation from dealers. We spend a lot of time advocating on your behalf until you take delivery of your vehicle. Our business is successful when we do what we say we will do.

Can you negotiate a lease?
Yes. We encourage all clients to evaluate whether leasing or buying is the best financial and lifestyle choice. We’ll help you do that.

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